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Cuevas del Ilaló and Temple of Artists present:
5 - 9 August, 2024
Metaphysics of Music

Metaphysics of Music

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"We always knew there was something more.... something we weren't being taught.... something powerful and mysterious that was being hidden, perhaps on purpose."

– Su Terry

Five-day intensive

Open to music aficionados, and amateur and professional musicians of all styles and instruments.

Beyond technique. Beyond music theory. Beyond melody, harmony and rhythm.

This unique, multiple-day course covers topics on music that are not taught in music schools or online music courses. It is a joining of both the physics of music and its metaphysical aspects.


Su Terry, internationally-known performer and recording artist, has created this intensive program that will inspire your dive into the source of music. Once we have access to the source, we never run out of creativity.  

The music industry is focused on formulas for hits. Moreover, we in the West live in societies where music is commercialized to such an extent that it becomes devalued. The result is loss of its meaning, power and freedom.  But music's secrets can be discovered by those who dare to go deeper into its source. 

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• Music as a type of energy

• The function of music and musicians in society

• Relationship of music to Time

• Manipulation of emotions and trance induction

• The mysterious properties of sound

• Understanding the origin of different tuning systems 

• Music as a political force

• Cymatics 

• Healing via sound frequency applications

• How to make music without our usual instruments

• The enemies of music

• Trusting musical intuition equally with knowledge

• and much more!

After the week's activities, immersed in the mysterious properties of frequency, vibration, sound and music, and participating in a collective process of creation, your relationship with music will never be the same.  You will also gain an understanding of how and why music is used to control our thoughts and behaviors.

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